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Diamonds are…., a set on Flickr.

Celebrating the Queens Diamond Jubilee
A sparkling and festive mix of artwork on display in Skylark 1 window show by the artists inspired by the Queens Diamond Jubilee.
”Diamonds are…” on show at Skylark 1 Gallery on Gabriel’s Wharf.
Monday 28-5-12 Until 10-6-12

Skylark Galleries: Pre-event at both Skylark 1 and 2
Participating artists are – Trinidad Ball, Featured Artist in Skylark 2.
Mixed Show
Skylark 1:- Wilf Frost, Kathleen Dutton, Gill Hickman, Jane Skinner, Vivien Phelan, and Jenny Dutton, Linda samson & Sara Sherwood.
”Diamonds are…”Late night opening Thursday 31stMay 6-8

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