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Check out this short film of my current work at Skylark galleries.
Inspired by words. Skylark Galleries

Inspired by wordsBlue girlMy girl in blueInspired by...Blue, green standing girlBlue, green my girl
Blue green boyI for love - printI for LoveDiamonds are....Diamond lightYoung Queen ( in blue)
Diamond lightEverything is EnergyKathleen DuttonKathleen Dutton Skylark 2Painting Titled 'Back to the light'  FemaleJennifer Dutton Skylark 2
Painting Titled 'Back to the light' MaleSkylark 2 Gallery windowSkylark 2 Gallery windowSkylark 2 Gallery - Blue BoySkylark 2 Gallery Skylark 2 Gallery window
Kathleen Dutton’s photostream on Flickr.

Exhibition 26-June- 8th July
Talks 29th June
Skylark 2 Gallery

Inspired by...Blue green boyBlue girlBlue, green my girlMy girl in blueBlue, green standing girl

Inspired by words, a set on Flickr.

Kathleen Duttons new figurative work Skylark 2 Gallery, Oxo Tower 1st fl- Inspired by the words of Lucinda Drayton.