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In the Light Garden
 Kathy says “This series of painting’s focuses is on the inner landscapes of what I call ‘The light garden’, it is a place of my imagination.
 A garden of light and space where energy and time are transformed, all things are possible here, and everything is allowed: harmony, peace, love and contentment. The seeds of life are here in the love and compassion that grows all around this landscape”.
Kathy is also the featured artist in Skylark 1 Gallery from 1st -14th July 
….more news on her new work in the South London Art Map (SLAM Website

Skylark Galleries will be open until 8pm on SLAM Last Friday in June.
I look forward to seeing you.

Soul Story 'Southbank'

Kathleen Dutton (1st -14th July)
I look at interactions with others as a part of a dance, or garden. Each one of us has a different, different strengths and weaknesses. I observe my solo performance, it is always more interesting to watch a couple dancing in step with each other. When I look closely, I realize that all they really did was simply rise above the limited desire to prove their individual greatness. Instead, they looked beyond the ‘I’ and put others before them.

On the ‘Southbank’ from the 1st July -14th July ‘SOUL STORY’, Skylark 1 Gallery
Studio 5, Gabriel s Wharf
56 Upper Ground, London SE1 9PP

Unit 1-16 Oxo Courtyardside.

Unit 1-16 Oxo Courtyardside.

For the Love of Gardens

For the Love of Gardens

SLAM Event, South London Art Map ‘FOR THE LOVE OF GARDENS’ by Kathleen Dutton.
Continuing with the Urban Floral theme, the Dutton sisters have their latest work on show till 9 July in unit 1:16 (30 seconds round the Courtyard side of the Oxo building from Skylark 2). Meet at Skylark 2 at 6.30pm for talk.