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Kathleen Dutton at 'Oxo' Unit 1.16 Courtyard side overlooking garden insalations

My Eurasian dream garden – large painting 1 metre sqaure, this big painting needs a special home a big wall looking onto a garden or in a large space.


These images are inspired by my time in New Zealand this year, do have a look at my flicker page if you like these as they are still evolving – and will most likely be on sale by 2014.

Both sides of the shell

A visual study of this shell that was given to me on Hong Kong beach in Lantau. (By my husband over 18 years ago)


I dreamt of these spiral shells, an amazing lucid dream, and felt compeled to find some to paint, i have quite a collection picked up on beaches on my travels.


This is one of my paintings from 2011, so yes my work has changed. I was more into stippling then, come along and see for yourself, on Tuesday 15th October, 6 – 9pm, for the opening of TRANSFORMATIONS, the next BAR exhibition.

MATTER 10 10

Group Exhibition of Painting curated by Sara Twomey
MATTER1010 is an exhibition of 17 Painters works. Curating the show in the atrium of the Exchange Tower means it has a dual purpose, a place of work and an exhibition of contemporary Painting that works together in the same space.MATTER1010 aims to express to the viewer something unexplainable, because it is impossible to communicate that very thing that is Painting. When confronted with something real, a Painting, it silences you. It makes words redundant. Painters who work with the material whether figurative or abstract painting, all these artists allow the paint to be just paint. This free flowing material is the most interesting part of the work, its main emphasis is the colour and material quality of the paint, and the image is somehow secondary. A language all of the painters own is evident within each work as the material of Oil paint, acrylic, enamel, watercolours and pure pigments are placed on the canvas and pushed and pulled and worked relentlessly.