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Wow this year is steaming along fast and this weekend my sister and I will have a joint Feature in Skylark 2 Gallery, 1st floor Oxo Tower, Southbank, London. Skylark galleries say *The Dutton sisters: Kathleen Dutton and Jennifer Dutton – In and Out the Garden, the sisters NEW works focus on the idea of the garden being a place inspiring the creative process in very different ways.”
Meet the artists for a glass of wine looking over the Thames at Skylark 2 Gallery. (1st floor of OXO tower) and just 3 mins walk away Jane Skinner is showing a collection of – Dolls NEW Paintings that are an extension of her unique world and will be in Gabriel’s Wharf on the night

I like doing talks in that I learn a lot from them, I have to create an order out of my daily work as an artist. When I explain often I get insight into my own motives and get clear on myself and my practice  as an artist.

I also don’t like it cause I always feel nervous and wonder if it all worth it. Mostly I persevere, however I only do one or two talks a year.

This one was for the Chelsea Fringe. I’m glad i did this one as my work is changing and i don’t know why until i try to explain it. The link for the talk is below. Blooming Urban Artist talk Kathleen Dutton.

Chelsea Fringe talking about my new paintings.