This project started with my paintings “Everything is energy November 2012” where the  n space and the light is stripped to it’s most basic essence. 

Painted. for the Chelsea fringe


In the light garden artists talk

The world of space and light that I call my light garden expanded to include more people from the communal gardens where I live guests and family in that space becomes an extension of the world I am painting in my studio.  

Exhibition part of Chelsea Fringe


My Dream Garden 2014


Selection of smaller paintings at Gabriels Wharf

My work included paintings of a dancer that will be featuring more in my work over the next year. I will be working with a small team, inspired by my dear friend Soren by ex dancer now choreographer who suggested we make my paintings into an Instalation. What a great idea so we will be creating an Instalation using the instensity of light and shade and painterly marks. We have already stated work on this and it is a constantly evolving thing at the moment. We were thinking of submitting an entry to a local gallery so that we can explore the possibilities. It’s only through trying things out that we get a sense of what we really need to do next, we have lots of plans.

Constantly evolvinng ideas at the moment.


Dancer in the garden of light

So that’s Kinda where we are so far I will update as we progress.