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My hand in action creating circles of We all Draw

A sketchbook is many things to me: usualy personal, however with the sketchbook sharing circles it means thinking differently. I tried as much as possible to just continue with whatever work I am doing or projects I am currently working on with others or on my own. The photo above my hand in action creating circles of energy drawing in the company of others creates a unique experience…like the sketcbook circle, drawing to share a unique experience….the image above is from We all Draw at the Bargehouse…i am rebloging from BREWDRAWINGCIRCLES the photo below was a response to using sketchbook to comunicate wth the moment adapted my sketchbook as a prop. My personal sketchbooks are not like this at all. the are a place of inner observation, sometimes of observational drawing, my sketchbooks swing, outer world, inner world. I am posting 3rd sketchbook off today. I already feel very connected to the other circle members though one is my sister, however to comunicate through the medium of drawing and ideas is a differnt side of our selves that we dont share at other times when we meet for a cuppa or family gatherings.

I already feel very connected to my fellow circle members.


Me and my sketchbook with Angie Brew and Jenni Dutton on the Southbank.

This is to confirm our new global drawing circle, in order of posting.  Drawing circle: new Global  1. Erica Böhr 2. Jan Phillips 3. Jennifer Dutton 4. Michelle Vesey 5. Kathleen Dutton

Source: Global 11

The Drawing circles are interesting, glad to be a part of the international one….still going strong at the moment – Global 11


We are writing a paper about the Circles, to reflect on the collaborative process.

Please send numbered lists of your insights, observations and thoughts on the process to

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This morning found myself thinking about a lecture I went to in 1990’s about speed and power and information, how it would be about who got there first with the story, how it would be difficult to know what was true and what was not. We are there now. I was also thinking what extraordinary power words have on thinkers around the world.

I was thinking about the concept of a vision, what makes a view of the world, like his vision go viral in hearts and minds; how the vision we hold up for ourselves has the same power and that somehow when we share our vision it creates a change within the collective vision. we are all creating visions, ideas about the world either consciously or unconsciously.

The vision we have and how it was received into the world, changes thoughts, minds hearts and worlds. I was thinking about aligning with others who have a shared vision that resonates on the basis of my inner values and soul purpose are valuable to my inner world, they give me a sense of inner power and security to connection to what I know is my inner truth.  I notice as i share my vision,  others are more ready to share their vision.

At the end of the 1980’s 1990’s when I read ‘Alvin Toffler’s’ Trilogy of books talk about an upcoming  historical shift on par with the Neolithic Revolution, the rise of an ‘information age’, the ‘electric cottage’, his description of the Third Wave society that really was manifest with the advent of the Internet before it existed in the way it is now, one of the central themes of Future Shock is that history, itself, would accelerate to the point where all of the past would catch up with the present.

Another thought that came behind that is the sense that we are all responsible for our vision, when I am apathetic I notice it creates a block in my own energy, I believe it is true for us all, we all have a voice, a vision and its about coming into the world to share it.

Back to Alvin Toffler, he didn’t write the Forth wave, his first 3 books left much open ended. I wonder if the realisation of his personal power once the hype was out, made another book more challenging, maybe that is why there isn’t a Fourth Wave by Alvin Toffler. So now, questions as to whether this vision that would be the Fourth Wave is already underway with the most recent dislocations that appear to be taking place in the world…or are we waiting for another vision to appear.

A book called Fourth Wave: published in 1993 Business in the 21st Century by Herman Bryant Maynard and Susan E. Mehrtens forecasts and advocates the rise of a form of eco-globalism in the 21st century, there vision seems more about answering some of the questions left open by Toffler concerning the nature of Third Wave society at the global level, rather than another major historical watershed, we are now living that time, the questions still unresolved and no official word from Toffler himself, maybe, the sweeping hype, synthesis of that trilogy of books and the impact on our society and on him personally was part of a ‘Powershift’ that he couldn’t foresee and how we will experience the challenges of this new era of life here on earth.

I was thinking about how, his vision need to be shared, fed,watered with love, kindness, nurtured and co-created. when we clamp onto one vision and say this is the way, we create a harsh place for a vision to live…one where their is no growth, no sharing, no potential to evolve and change.  It is my belief we are supposed to co create, that the answers are through sharing with each other. We are the answer to each others challenges, when people get together and listen, share with inner tolerance, kindness and compassion we can change the world. When we polarize view points and create them and us, we loose something within ourselves too.

Often we get angry and frustrated with our leaders; I believe we need to share, hear more voices, your vision my vision, we need to give ourselves time and space and energy to connect to our own truth so we can share it.




I can’t believe its less than a year since I went into RSL Collective the shop at Queens Parade and met Kirstie Quinnin and her dream to create a collective. I heard her vision and it made me feel joy, as this is also the very heart of what I want to create for myself and the community. Here are her blog posts…it took one year to manifest, in fact her earliest vision is here, so glad she shared it and dared to be brave. ***UPDATE 2nd November 2015*** Dream crystallised. 365 days from dream to reality and now we are here… Being the dream. Follow our continuing story as RSLCollective here ***UPDATE 2nd Septemb…

Source: Crystallising Dream

I always loved mediation, business and having fun. I found all three things essential as an Artist, Illustrator and Creative Director; whether I worked for large international design companies or working for myself or 3rd sector buIMG_5254sness. These are part of my life have run parellel to my creative work and has it has always been an adventure and kind of joyful too. I always found the structures that make the world tick facinating. My personal path has evolved based on what I learnt when studying a Degree at Middlesex University, adapted again as Design Director with a focus on Retail Design and Identity for Conran Design  for over 8 years, learning how to put together a ‘Fee Proposal’ breaking down information into bite size chunks, so as to explain value of services to those who may be hearing what creative people do for the first time and putting into a language that that can be understood and agreed.

For the first 20 years of my working life, I travelled a lot, worked as a Creative; Illustrator, Artist also teaching and learning as an academic with a focus on: Cross cultural design, Cross Cultural Resonance of Chinease Characters, Environmental Research based in Hong Kong, China, Malaysia Canada and England at UCE Visual Communication and Information Design at Westminster University in London, The School of Oriental and African Studies and at  Hong Kong Poly University.  I met inspiring people, students and staff. Here I learnt how to create research proposals that would also allow me to pursue what I was passionate about. It was a great lesson in how to get paid for doing what you love.

When I came to London in 1999 my focus was on having a baby, being a mum and finding balance in my life. I read loads of books to reorientate myself when i got to England. Nick Williams Book “Discover The Work You Were Born To Do”. was the most influencial on my thinking at that time. I found  that a values based approach could make it work within the world of collaboration and social enterprise and charities.

Once again, time to change my knowledge to fit a new type of buisness, what they were calling the 3rd Sector. I did a lot of research and set up a number of projects. In 2003 I was awarded; Fellowship at The Kings Fund and later that year Fellowship of UnLtd. Still on a learning curve I was given an honorary scholarship at CAN – The Community Action Network...while still learning about this new sector. I did art projects and workshops: developing briefs, visual identity and services. I could add my design knowledge into the mix helping with setting up and vision boards for new business,  artists and creative professionals. I  felt this was excieting, this sector appeared to attract people who were following their heart and passion; charities, social projects, services and collectives of creative people. Over 12 weeks with one of my dearest friends Moira Townsend Williams we did The Artists Way by Julia Cameron together. I knew after just a couple of weeks in that I wanted to find a community, working alone just isn’t for me, I wrote an affirmation to make a commitment to my creative self.

IMG_4762Thats why a week later when I walked past Skylark Galleries and I knew it was the right place for me, I met the friendly artists  who explained how it worked and discovered the history, the bottom up structure as a social enterprise of both the gallery and the community that created it. The ‘Coin Street community Builders’ story is one of community empowerment and unity. It is now a very successful model of a social enterprise that also functions as a business. I knew in my bones, this was the way ahead for me to create a life that has flexibility and is answerable to a collective creative vision. My sister is an artist there too, what a blessing, its fantastic to be part of such a wonderful organisation, I have learnt a lot: about going with the flow, setting a vision, divine timing, listening, being focused and the ebb and flow of being and doing over the years.  Last year with my sister Jennifer Dutton and Angie Brew  Founder of Skylark Galleries.  Together we set up Sky lark Arts . The launch was at Oxo Tower Wharf Southbank Festival of Creativity  bringing together… All The Arts & Wellbeing alongside WE All Draw Exhibition and symposium.

Same thing happened when I met Kirsty Quininn last year and she shared her vision for The Reason Season or a Lifetime Collective  RSL Collective. I thought, this is the future, work that is about caring for our inner values. This is the only way I see a future for this world buisness that is built on kindness for self and others, that also respects our environment and engages communities. Thats it, if we want to have a world that is balanced, I feel we need to operate from differnt set of rules that got us into our current situation where their is no real sense of environmental of social accountability,so much corporate business shows a blatant disregard for personal values and the sustainability of the planet.

I feel driven to serve and help others on their path,especialy those with a creative, social, community or healing vibe. So, I’ve decided for this year to make that part of my job description see; Art, Illustration & Be and Do the work you love. My goal is to share workshops that experiment with creative visualisation and some of the new healing techniques I have learnt; to connect with other souls on the path of working with their inner values and bring them into the world together, lets see where it goes. Reason Season Lifetime Collective is the perfect place to be and do.

A creative and values based business is my dream and to work with others, have fun, be useful and let the dance of life flow through my buisness to adapt to the ups and downs of life. I can let real flow happen so that i become more focused on my actual needs and collobaoations with others, based on what inspires me. When i am inspired, when you are inspired, we have energy and vibrancy. When i follow my truth my soul feels pure joy and my world full of vision for future.


The caption is a collection of projects from last 12 months; Animation for Vodafone, Illusrations for Mediation Books,and products. The Launch of Sky Lark Arts that brings togeter Arts and wellbeing, with my sister and Angie Brew also joined RSL Collective (A colective of artists and healers). I work on the projects i love, for the next year have decided to share some of the tools that got me there with others.

I now wish to serve others to create a business they love; I am offering services through RSL Collective to do Soul Coach sessions and Soul Guide that combines my readings with coaching elements. I am also going to run a series of workshops at the collective too.

Link to my page at RSL Collective.





 21 Dec 2015- 24 Jan 2016

The universe is full of magical things waiting for our wits to grow sharper…and my soul to be braver. The Angel in you and the angel in me, when I speak my truth when we become an angel to ourselves we can then start to share that blessing with others. There is a selection of these paintings in both Skylark Galleries; In Skylark 2 in the Oxo Tower, Bargehouse street, London SE1 9PP and Skylark 1 within Gabriels Wharf.

Kathleen Dutton: BUY ART Skylark Galleries Website