This morning found myself thinking about a lecture I went to in 1990’s about speed and power and information, how it would be about who got there first with the story, how it would be difficult to know what was true and what was not. We are there now. I was also thinking what extraordinary power words have on thinkers around the world.

I was thinking about the concept of a vision, what makes a view of the world, like his vision go viral in hearts and minds; how the vision we hold up for ourselves has the same power and that somehow when we share our vision it creates a change within the collective vision. we are all creating visions, ideas about the world either consciously or unconsciously.

The vision we have and how it was received into the world, changes thoughts, minds hearts and worlds. I was thinking about aligning with others who have a shared vision that resonates on the basis of my inner values and soul purpose are valuable to my inner world, they give me a sense of inner power and security to connection to what I know is my inner truth.  I notice as i share my vision,  others are more ready to share their vision.

At the end of the 1980’s 1990’s when I read ‘Alvin Toffler’s’ Trilogy of books talk about an upcoming  historical shift on par with the Neolithic Revolution, the rise of an ‘information age’, the ‘electric cottage’, his description of the Third Wave society that really was manifest with the advent of the Internet before it existed in the way it is now, one of the central themes of Future Shock is that history, itself, would accelerate to the point where all of the past would catch up with the present.

Another thought that came behind that is the sense that we are all responsible for our vision, when I am apathetic I notice it creates a block in my own energy, I believe it is true for us all, we all have a voice, a vision and its about coming into the world to share it.

Back to Alvin Toffler, he didn’t write the Forth wave, his first 3 books left much open ended. I wonder if the realisation of his personal power once the hype was out, made another book more challenging, maybe that is why there isn’t a Fourth Wave by Alvin Toffler. So now, questions as to whether this vision that would be the Fourth Wave is already underway with the most recent dislocations that appear to be taking place in the world…or are we waiting for another vision to appear.

A book called Fourth Wave: published in 1993 Business in the 21st Century by Herman Bryant Maynard and Susan E. Mehrtens forecasts and advocates the rise of a form of eco-globalism in the 21st century, there vision seems more about answering some of the questions left open by Toffler concerning the nature of Third Wave society at the global level, rather than another major historical watershed, we are now living that time, the questions still unresolved and no official word from Toffler himself, maybe, the sweeping hype, synthesis of that trilogy of books and the impact on our society and on him personally was part of a ‘Powershift’ that he couldn’t foresee and how we will experience the challenges of this new era of life here on earth.

I was thinking about how, his vision need to be shared, fed,watered with love, kindness, nurtured and co-created. when we clamp onto one vision and say this is the way, we create a harsh place for a vision to live…one where their is no growth, no sharing, no potential to evolve and change.  It is my belief we are supposed to co create, that the answers are through sharing with each other. We are the answer to each others challenges, when people get together and listen, share with inner tolerance, kindness and compassion we can change the world. When we polarize view points and create them and us, we loose something within ourselves too.

Often we get angry and frustrated with our leaders; I believe we need to share, hear more voices, your vision my vision, we need to give ourselves time and space and energy to connect to our own truth so we can share it.