My hand in action creating circles of We all Draw

A sketchbook is many things to me: usualy personal, however with the sketchbook sharing circles it means thinking differently. I tried as much as possible to just continue with whatever work I am doing or projects I am currently working on with others or on my own. The photo above my hand in action creating circles of energy drawing in the company of others creates a unique experience…like the sketcbook circle, drawing to share a unique experience….the image above is from We all Draw at the Bargehouse…i am rebloging from BREWDRAWINGCIRCLES the photo below was a response to using sketchbook to comunicate wth the moment adapted my sketchbook as a prop. My personal sketchbooks are not like this at all. the are a place of inner observation, sometimes of observational drawing, my sketchbooks swing, outer world, inner world. I am posting 3rd sketchbook off today. I already feel very connected to the other circle members though one is my sister, however to comunicate through the medium of drawing and ideas is a differnt side of our selves that we dont share at other times when we meet for a cuppa or family gatherings.

I already feel very connected to my fellow circle members.


Me and my sketchbook with Angie Brew and Jenni Dutton on the Southbank.

This is to confirm our new global drawing circle, in order of posting.  Drawing circle: new Global  1. Erica Böhr 2. Jan Phillips 3. Jennifer Dutton 4. Michelle Vesey 5. Kathleen Dutton

Source: Global 11