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Drawing has been the theme of this year…with others in workshops at RSL Collective, through events at the WOW, Southbank Centre as guest artist; with Spirited Bodies and exploring drawing with Ester Bunting with Soundscapes by Sarah Kent also progressing through movement, dance with poetry, sound, singing. Drawing at large both: a festival and event at St Johns Church Loving Bodies in Waterloo and a small experimental day too. Live drawing is full of energy and focus with music and sound it becomes totaly absorbing,


St Johns Church Waterloo, Drawing at Loving Bodies a charity event co-ordnated by Esther Bunting

As member of an international sketchbook circle created by Angie Brew exploring a quieter sharing within a small group. Drawing is many things to me usualy it is my way to connect ideas, people and place, as a method to gather and process information, the whole process always amazes me in that I disapear for a while, almost like nodding off and then suddenly the drawing is finished. Drawing is rather like magic in that the level of focus means total absorption in seeing the line and tone and colour.


One of the pages from the first sketchbook… in the International circle.

The sketchbook sharing circles I am participating in a group of international artists drawing and passing our sketchbook on for the next artist to use. I tried as much as possible to just continue with whatever work I am doing or projects I am currently working on with others or on my own.


The photo (below  right) is a self portrait I did by drawing from touch alone,  another new exploration into drawing  Masterclass by Pamela Lawton from the Metrroplolitain Museum of New York during  “We all draw’ Exhibition and symposium at the Bargehouse.


My drawing is taking me on new journeys; public drawing, private practice and personal sketchbooks. Observation swinging from: outer world, to inner world and back again.

“I am part of the collective at Reason Season Lifetime Collective, this was literally my dream come true as my studio is in Willesden Green artist who has a passion for collaboration, creativity an…

Source: Kathleen Dutton