“Artist in Residence complete! …after 6 months, hurray! I started with the Reason Season Lifetime Collective  just under 1 year ago when I bumped into Kirstie Quininn in at Queens Parade on the opening day. I  wish to celebrate the high points; Meeting a new world of people and learning and recieving and writing and drawing about the healing arts Acupuncture, Reflexology, Vortex Healing, collaborating, sharing ideas and talents.

Learning Theta Healing with Katy Keel at Soul Radiance and the trip she put together for Gastonbury that I went to with Loretta McCabe was awesome. Creative workshops, Healing Circles, working with others on aspects of wellbeing, creativity and identity from making Facebook pages with therapists to photos of them in process, Illustrations and drawings inspired by my inner journey at the collective and sharing my love of creativity and people, I will be back to do some creative workshops in the September”

In fact the RSLCollective (see facebook page) will have a little 1 year Celebration on the 23rd July, they will make everyone welcome, I wont be there as will be doing a day of workshops as part of a creative collaboration at Lewisham Art Centre with Spirited Bodies & Soundscapes by Sarah Kent. Keep up with my latest projects in Oxford and South London here on my Facebook studio page.