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If nature could speak, if her vibration became words what would she say? I think she would be kind, tolerant, peaceful … her soul whispers through all life and some people say they hear her voice, can you? Maybe her soul whispers through our appreciation of her? ”

Notice one thing you love about nature today, write it down and notice that energy in everyday life ?” #whisper #nature #love. The images on the blog post are of my exhibition in 2008 at Oxo and they are back ther again after a time on loan by Axis hotel and RSL Collective #HealingEarth #InnerSpace The painting of the divine sacred feminine energies that I felt while emersed in the New Zealand landscape. Now on display at Skylark Galleries London.  Top Left;- Titled Earth Frequency I wanted to express how nature brings us balance, the female figure here soaked in the green with waterfall for hair and the blue of the sky on her heart. I am currently Featrured artist in Skylark Galleries 1 until the 25th September 2016 where I have my lightworks an urban Angels on Show.

This unique painting now at Skylark Galleries at Oxo Tower Wharf on Londons Southbank. Click on this link to but it now Price £690

img_20160828_134844Next Week on the 21st September 11-5 Skylark Gallery 1 London Design Festival

MEET THE CREATIVE at Gabriels Wharf this time, come along and say hello i will be there all day with some of my latest projects: CREATING ILLUSTRATIONS:There is a focus on a journey around the grounds both physical and spiritual:-IMAGINE ….Creativity takes off and new solutions found for everything. Peace with all the people on planet Earth and an Outbreak of Appreciation.  I will also be talking about my ART INSTALATION project called;- Wings…where you did have the opportunity to try some wings, for the photo of a lifetime, maybe i will try to get them over to the Southbank soon. EXHIBITION called URBAN ANGELS & LIGHTWORKS with a selection of my paintings. Buy online:  See Studio/Projects: