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My sister and I…that’s Kathleen Dutton & Jennifer Dutton are showing a range of art that celebrates life. We both share a certain joy of life expressed in their distinctive and very different ways. I use through meditation and reflecting that in simplicity of form and use of light. Jennifer using her highly decorative Lino cuts of gardens. The artworks share a positive energy and are life affirming.

Come in and say hello! at our friendly artist run galleries on the Southbank, its lovely for a day ut and you will be supporting us and other artists when you buy our art or cards.

MEET THE ARTISTS  November 12th from 11-5 and from 5-there will be fireworks for the close of the Lord Mayors Show, theres a great view from here the Oxo Tower, on the 1st floor. 20 November 2-4 for Tea and Festive Nibbles at Wonder of Winter “The Dutton Sisters” Kathleen Dutton & Jennifer Dutton show a range of art that celebrates life. #skylarkartists #skylarkgalleries #art #artists #skylarkartist #oxotowerwharf Oxo Tower Wharf Skylark Art Galleries London.


I was asked to do this ‘Bio’…it is going to be on some books created with the Global Retreat Centre in Oxford, so I found myself called to sit and write this;-I realise my history is kind extreme in some of it’s lurching but it has always followed the path of ‘Doing what I love’ Balancing my natural energy that catches the wind of emotions easily.

I love this Earth and its diversity and for me that has meant getting out into the world and exploring and living in other places and working and experiencing life within the globe as well as the social cultures of the Corporate, Academia and Third Sector (Charities and Social Enterprise) …always running my own creative practice alongside that is based on learning who I am in a spiritual context because for many years i struggled with that . My life theme, “swimming both ways at once in this world “…it was always a challenge to cool my mind and realy focus on my own wellbeing poping up with ideas and ideas of new places to go and things to do, finally family life and continued practice of mediation helped me be able to create pause’s for thought and change and see things differently. Staying in one place was hard, it still is at times, the urge for me travel and live in other places is in my DNA. I now appreciate where I am and accept this chapter of life.


Illustrations for Peace in the Park 2016:-Artist Run Project to Create Vision for the Future

“I have been practicing meditation for 30 years and give talks on meditation and how it relates to themes in my artwork. Each day I share an illustration on my daily blog and meditation page. The blog has led to three animation commissions from Vodafone on visualisation, holding a vision and body language, as well as illustrations for: an online 6 week Mindfulness course, Breathsync iphone App, Global Retreat Centre: guided meditations and book cover designs for various publishers and independent writers.I currently am one of 24 artists at Skylark Galleries who are on the Southbank of London. Galleries I also do Marketing and social media for Skylark Galleries . I have exhibited and am in collections internationally, the focus of my painting is grounded in my meditation practice and I do events at the gallery that focus on this as well as exhibitions and talks
at the British Library. Created a programme of events that ran over 4 years that made artist’s limited edition books as part of a CSR Corporate Social Responsibility volunteering programme for employees of various Corporate Banking companies in the City. Received bursaries for Community arts projects and went on to be awarded a Fellowship at The Kings Fund and UnLtd and Honarary bursary at CAN Community Action Network and went on to mentor others to work on community projects.
Prior to that, I was Creative Director for Conran Design Group for over 8 years working with clients like Conran shop, Bhs and M&S. This involved developing a brief with the client, overseeing each project, working with other creative professionals like architects, designers, illustrators and guiding the production process from start to finish.
Lecturer then Later a Professor at The University of Westminster and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Created published research on:- Environmental issues and Cross-cultural design. I also ran my own consultancy whilst at the University.
Received a fellowship for Distinction of Work from the Chartered Society for Designers”