To: "The river, this poem, a song and image, a spontaneous healing 
message that popped into my mind this morning, to this place where I spend my days, eat packed lunches, meet friends, where I work, rest 
and play". By Kathleen Dutton artist at Skylark Galleries by the 
River Thames at Londons Southbank either; photographing it and life around it or creating art and events for over 15 years it is one of myfavourite places to reflect and get inspired, the river is endlessly photogenic some of my photos below. 

River Sacred, ebb and flow.
Sharing your life blood and treasures to all.
Shaken at the violence and hate in your wake, a witness.
The skies darken and the storm rages; rain of grief. 
I sit in your presence again; ancient, wise.
You receive the sun, the clouds, the wind, the storms of life;
your tides rise and fall, out and in constantly changing.
I see you regal, calm, a sovereign spirit of nature.
Arms stretch across London and out to a 'Ocean of Peace'.
Water sparkles, light dances, reflections of beauty and light.
With each tide this pain transformed.
An alchemy of form, in the cycle of life, a return. the river by Kathleen Dutton

Illustration By Kathleen Dutton Angel Truth – River of Peace

                                                Photos from my Instagram and Facebook Pages