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Light & Shadow – A Series of Mixed Media Paintings & Drawings
Exploring the balance in what may seem to be opposing energies through the physical form, opposite energies like masculine and feminine, light and shadow. Symbolised for example  in the image of  yin and yang a symbol that echoes how these energies unite as a catalyst for creation. Each staying separate but having the seed of it’s opposing energy within. Wikipedia: Yin/Yang Explanation 


Stillness through mediation then a mix of movement and observation  from dance, Zen Yoga and Chi Gong drawings done from life with Ester Bunting Spirited Bodies and working with Soundscapes by Sound Healer Sarah Kent.

Dates for Diary 18 October 5pm – Informal Talk 
I will be showing some of the drawings behind the work Light & Shadow. A informal  talk with my sketchbook on my process. Stillness through meditation connecting to the soul ,the inner being, then movement with Zen Yoga and Chi Gong bringing focus to the ‘physical being’.
1 November  
Meet the Artist – Skylark Galleries 1 12–5 Gabriel’s Wharf, 56 Upper Ground, Southbank London  SE19PP. 


London Design week at Oxo was a lot of fun and free events throughout the building from the designers and artists within, amongst these I facilitated a guided meditation, showed my books on mediation that guide you through the process step by step …then a talk about how my work had evolved and changed. Especially over the last 5 years looking for a bit of peace within these challenging times.  September was a busy month with a lot of  new challenges and opportunities coming up in life, therefore have been developing more local links forging new relationships to further develop the idea  over 3 years ago Titled ‘Create’ developing internal strategies to create a new vision working with others in Creative Industries, Community, Corporate and within Education networks  At the same time also looking at investment outside the UK.

This is a time where the direction and changes for me really need to be connected to my values whilst stepping out of my bubble, moment feels very challenging. The other thing is I’m enthusiastic about is Create Space London in North west London, it will be old tech with Silk screen, Bookbinding and Woodwork and Metalwork and Ceramic workshops meets new with its doors opening to the community as well as working with a team of artists and there will be a lot of exciting things happening there when it opens at the end of  October beginning of November. Will post more as this evolves.

Never has it been more important for me to set aside quiet time to connect to inner peace and the qualities of the soul that emerge through that connection. Allowing life steps to emerge day by day, one small step at a time. I have paused this year on my daily sharing of an illustration a day to really focus on my own inner growth quietly within my own space to reflect, grow and listen. It’s not possible with lots of stuff ‘pinging’ at every other  moment on social media…so i pause.

Saying that, I’m still very busy I will be doing an event tomorrow evening with two fellow guests Loretta Mccabe Angelic Healing and Chandana’s Reiki offering Tasters at this Special Event night I will do an intuitive reading with Zen Tarot plus some of my own cards and a bit of mediation guidance at a wonderful bookshop OffSide books.Poster Book shop NW London_o

I will be featured artist at Skylark Galleries at the End of October too, sharing some of my light works collection. See Below.

 “Each day I do meditation then shared an illustration on my meditation page and social media for 5 years. A few minutes of stillness brought clarity, calm that stays It also became projects and new energy in my life”