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I like doing talks in that I learn a lot from them, I have to create an order out of my daily work as an artist. When I explain often I get insight into my own motives and get clear on myself and my practice  as an artist.

I also don’t like it cause I always feel nervous and wonder if it all worth it. Mostly I persevere, however I only do one or two talks a year.

This one was for the Chelsea Fringe. I’m glad i did this one as my work is changing and i don’t know why until i try to explain it. The link for the talk is below. Blooming Urban Artist talk Kathleen Dutton.

Chelsea Fringe talking about my new paintings.

I’ve been inspired by observing the garden where I live here in London the people, nature and a sense of community. It is a space that always brings me peace. These paintings are from drawings done last summer.
I will be part of a group show. I will also be doing a talk on the 24th May at 3pm will add info as soon as it is published on the Chelsea Fringe website.

a href=””>CHELSEA FRINGE 2014