In sketchbooks I collect images, ideas, fragments of poetry and songs. These are catalysts for my creative process. I transform these elements into paintings in my studio, bringing my inner world to the outside. my latest paintings at Skylark Galleries  “I love doing workshops with others, being creative all things eostoteric and having fun, I particulary like working to create NEW IDEAS, developing logos and graphics with my hand written script and images. This year I completed a Artist Residence with RSL Collective, Drawing, collecting stories and capturing the essence of the collective and their people, also doing workshops creating ‘Visual identity’, branding ‘Being Creative’ and “Doing what you love” .

This summer I was one of the Guest artist’s at Peace in the Park 2016 in Oxford this summer with a large interactive Art Installation; Titled WINGS and a joint exhibition with Ginger Gilmore at Nunham house. I created the IMAGINE – workshop illustrations and typography especialy  for this space for visualising, sharing and evolving a positive vision for the future for this planet of ours. 

Background Once upon a time…I was born in London in the swinging 60’s, went to Middlesex University to do a BA Hon’s Degree in Graphic Design. I started exhibiting my work during the early 80’s, while working for Conran Design Group in London, and continued moving between design consultancy, painting and exhibiting throughout mf life, whilst in Hong Kong, and later in Tokyo and London.In the end I spent just a little over eleven Years in South East Asia, I travelled widely, I was never without my sketchbook.I have always been impressed by the simplicity of calligraphy and the elegance of Zen, while in Hong Kong. Fascinated by the language I studied the evolution of Chinese Characters at the ‘School of Oriental and African Studies’ and a Masters Degree in Visual Communication at the ‘University of Central England’ in 1995. My work changed dramatically, striving to simplify, taking on board all I had learnt.

My paintings are currently in ‘Skylark Galleries’ on London’s Southbank and are collected internationally. Past exhibitions in: Hamilton’s Gallery, the Gallery @Oxo, The Victoria and Albert Museum Archive, K2 Gallery in Tokyo, Japan. I have done both solo and selected for various mixed shows. Also at Reason Season Lifetime Collective and Southbank London I do Creative coaching, mentoring and workshops in North West London.