If nature could speak, if her vibration became words what would she say? I think she would be kind, tolerant, peaceful … her soul whispers through all life and some people say they hear her voice, can you? Maybe her soul whispers through our appreciation of her? ”

Notice one thing you love about nature today, write it down and notice that energy in everyday life ?” #whisper #nature #love. The images on the blog post are of my exhibition in 2008 at Oxo and they are back ther again after a time on loan by Axis hotel and RSL Collective #HealingEarth #InnerSpace The painting of the divine sacred feminine energies that I felt while emersed in the New Zealand landscape. Now on display at Skylark Galleries London.  Top Left;- Titled Earth Frequency I wanted to express how nature brings us balance, the female figure here soaked in the green with waterfall for hair and the blue of the sky on her heart. I am currently Featrured artist in Skylark Galleries 1 until the 25th September 2016 where I have my lightworks an urban Angels on Show.

This unique painting now at Skylark Galleries at Oxo Tower Wharf on Londons Southbank. Click on this link to but it now Price £690

img_20160828_134844Next Week on the 21st September 11-5 Skylark Gallery 1 London Design Festival

MEET THE CREATIVE at Gabriels Wharf this time, come along and say hello i will be there all day with some of my latest projects: CREATING ILLUSTRATIONS:There is a focus on a journey around the grounds both physical and spiritual:-IMAGINE ….Creativity takes off and new solutions found for everything. Peace with all the people on planet Earth and an Outbreak of Appreciation.  I will also be talking about my ART INSTALATION project called;- Wings…where you did have the opportunity to try some wings, for the photo of a lifetime, maybe i will try to get them over to the Southbank soon. EXHIBITION called URBAN ANGELS & LIGHTWORKS with a selection of my paintings. Buy online: http://www.skylarkgalleries.com  See Studio/Projects: http://www.kathleenduttonart.com




That’s it the weekend over in Oxford Peace in the Park with peace and wellbeing on the menu in all its forms. I’m happy to say 100’s of visitors tried the wings 9 ft instalation WINGS on a billboard style set up within the park and also 7ft wings in the painting far left. The ‘Angels Exhibition’ see photo:- with the art of Ginger Gilmore and my own paintings in the Presentation room, now closed. It was great meeting Ginger and having a chance to hear about her inspiration for her art as well as her Ginger Gilmour Memoirs of the Bright Side of the Moon .

It was a pleasure to just take time to see hear and meet other souls from all over the world and share stories, creativity.inspirtation and ideas including other artists writers and and during the Festival. A varied bunch of Meet the Creative Talks (Mine was Sat at 3pm, will share video soon). So much information to gathered from;- Mindsets and lots of events for families those into mediation or trying it for the first time. My personsl Favourite was within the Zen Gardens and doing Chi Gong. This was an adventure for me and my artwork and have I loved every moment of it.’
Skylark Art Galleries London in both Skylark 1 and Skylark 2 Gallery all year round Southbank, London www.skylarkgalleries.com

You can check out my latest studio updates, projects and social media networks: www.kathleenduttonart.comIMG_6245IMG_6247



‘Thanks to souls who took part, artists, models, male and female’.
This is a post by Ester Bunting of Spirited Bodies; about last month’s experimental sessions at Lewisham Arthouse, with Soulwaves and myself Kathleen Dutton. I like the way Ester threads thoughts and ideas and drawings and its great to hear feedback from participants, and recordings of the collaborative soundscapes.


Thanks to souls who took part, artists, models, male and female.This is a post by Ester Bunting of Spirited Bodies; about last month’s experimental sessions at Lewisham Arthouse, with Soulwaves and myself Kathleen Dutton. I like the way Ester threads thoughts and ideas and drawings and its great to hear feedback from participants, and recordings of the collaborative soundscapes.

Source: Collaborative Sound, Draw & Pose

Imagine Feature at Skylark 1 Gallery, Gabriels Wharf, Southbank London. There will be meet the Artist Days on 7-21st September 2016.

At Skylark 2 in the Oxo Tower Wharf “The Dutton sisters’ joint show from 31 October until 20 November. Then in December 17 skylark artists in The Xmas show in the Oxo Tower Wharf . www.skylarkgalleries.com 

This body of work explores the imaginary world of hopes and dreams also inspired by nature; New Zealand and England, full moon dreaming and wishes in the dark of the moon. Building on the Imagine theme used in Peace in the Park; Kathleen invites you to …”Imagine a world… love, peace, and kindness rule.Where our planet heals as each soul heals, we find time to be in nature and live our lives with purpose”

The last 8 months has been full of new projects working on a variety of collaborations with my sister Jenifer and Angie Brew founder of Skylark Galleries in the set up of Sky Lark Arts and RSL Collective as an artist in residence for 6 months, Artist at Peace in the Park 2016 in Oxford with instalation and exhibition with Ginger Gilmore  and collaborations with Spirited Bodies and Sound artist Sarah Kent.

Thank you Steve Ritter for your positive words of encouragement. I do notice how collaboration often brings out the best in us all. I feel new ideas pop out when working with others, shining the light within and making us feel inspired. Its good to hear that their is an appetite for more spirited collaborations. your feedback certainly directs our energies to explore more.


steve ritter

Spirited Bodies has been running multi-model life drawing events in many formats since 2010. In November last year, this included ‘Spirited Sound‘ – a collaboration between Esther Bunting of Spirited Bodies and Sarah Kent: sound bath artist, folk fiddler, homeopath, reiki practitioner and bodyworker. The event was at Bargehouse on the south bank of the Thames, where Kathleen Dutton – artist, creative director, practioner of zen yoga, theta healing and reiki – was a co-organiser.




Esther, Sarah and Kathleen combined forces on 23 July at Lewisham Arthouse to realise a new concept: two small workshops with sound bath, slow nude movement, stillness and drawing. Participants were invited to flow with healing sounds, and find ways to embody them – while drawing or being drawn. Kathleen would lead drawing exercises, whilst Esther directed movements and modelling. The first session would be women-only, from 1pm to 3pm, then a mixed…

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Free Event – Peace in the Park 2016 coming together. Let the soul fly ! (Try out your own ‪#‎wings‬ ‪#‎artinstallation‬ ‘Wings’my labour of love, inspired by a dream that whispered in the night and then shared with the team at Peace in the Park who took it on board.

Chill to beautiful music Lucinda Drayton and a wonderful line up of performers , art and opportunities to explore ‪#‎meditation‬ and ‪#‎wellbeing‬ ❤‪#‎Angel‬ Exhibition with a selection my paintings and Ginger Gilmour’s sculptural art in the house and gardens too. ‪#‎PeaceInThePark2016‬ ‪#‎peace‬ ‪#‎painting‬. Beautiful French Artist Cécile Boucharel and i were working side by side, she created a series of colourful semi-abstract paintings of a forest, you can see her painting directly below the one with reds and gold. Her work was so precise in its application and mine was about the spontaneity of mark making, I like to think we rubbed off against each other slightly.

I am an artist at http://www.skylarkgalleries.com ‪#‎skylarkartist‬ ‪#‎skylarkgalleries‬ @skylark_galleries_london #Peace in the Park. see images for;-Working together in the heat of the sun.

This project has been in key stages; – IDEAS & LISTENING – Meeting the team at Oxford Retreat Centre and hearing the variety of events, like the Storybooth and Indy Concert with Lucinda Drayton and others preforming, plus a journey of the Imagination. There are sacred gardens, a labrynth and so many nice things to do for the individual or the family.

CREATING ILLUSTRATIONS;- There is a focus on a journey around the grounds both physical and spiritual;- IMAGINE ….Creativity takes off and new solutions found for everything. Peace with all the people on planet Earth and an Outnreak of Appreciation. I have been working on these Illustrations for the creation of Zones within the Beautiful Grounds, tommorrow I will start on the Angel instalation and Totems.

ART INSTALATION project called;- Wings…where you get to try some wings, for the photo of a lifetime, will post more after the end of next week when I return from Oxford, The map on the Peace in the Park Festival Website is interactive (hover over area with your cursor to reveal whats happening in that area).

There is an Exhibition called ANGELS with my Urban Angel paintings My Art website  and the sculpture of Ginger Gilmore Ginger Gilmore’s Art.

“Artist in Residence complete! …after 6 months, hurray! I started with the Reason Season Lifetime Collective  just under 1 year ago when I bumped into Kirstie Quininn in at Queens Parade on the opening day. I  wish to celebrate the high points; Meeting a new world of people and learning and recieving and writing and drawing about the healing arts Acupuncture, Reflexology, Vortex Healing, collaborating, sharing ideas and talents.

Learning Theta Healing with Katy Keel at Soul Radiance and the trip she put together for Gastonbury that I went to with Loretta McCabe was awesome. Creative workshops, Healing Circles, working with others on aspects of wellbeing, creativity and identity from making Facebook pages with therapists to photos of them in process, Illustrations and drawings inspired by my inner journey at the collective and sharing my love of creativity and people, I will be back to do some creative workshops in the September”

In fact the RSLCollective (see facebook page) will have a little 1 year Celebration on the 23rd July, they will make everyone welcome, I wont be there as will be doing a day of workshops as part of a creative collaboration at Lewisham Art Centre with Spirited Bodies & Soundscapes by Sarah Kent. Keep up with my latest projects in Oxford and South London here on my Facebook studio page. 

Drawing has been the theme of this year…with others in workshops at RSL Collective, through events at the WOW, Southbank Centre as guest artist; with Spirited Bodies and exploring drawing with Ester Bunting with Soundscapes by Sarah Kent also progressing through movement, dance with poetry, sound, singing. Drawing at large both: a festival and event at St Johns Church Loving Bodies in Waterloo and a small experimental day too. Live drawing is full of energy and focus with music and sound it becomes totaly absorbing,


St Johns Church Waterloo, Drawing at Loving Bodies a charity event co-ordnated by Esther Bunting

As member of an international sketchbook circle created by Angie Brew exploring a quieter sharing within a small group. Drawing is many things to me usualy it is my way to connect ideas, people and place, as a method to gather and process information, the whole process always amazes me in that I disapear for a while, almost like nodding off and then suddenly the drawing is finished. Drawing is rather like magic in that the level of focus means total absorption in seeing the line and tone and colour.


One of the pages from the first sketchbook… in the International circle.

The sketchbook sharing circles I am participating in a group of international artists drawing and passing our sketchbook on for the next artist to use. I tried as much as possible to just continue with whatever work I am doing or projects I am currently working on with others or on my own.


The photo (below  right) is a self portrait I did by drawing from touch alone,  another new exploration into drawing  Masterclass by Pamela Lawton from the Metrroplolitain Museum of New York during  “We all draw’ Exhibition and symposium at the Bargehouse.


My drawing is taking me on new journeys; public drawing, private practice and personal sketchbooks. Observation swinging from: outer world, to inner world and back again.