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My sister and I…that’s Kathleen Dutton & Jennifer Dutton are showing a range of art that celebrates life. We both share a certain joy of life expressed in their distinctive and very different ways. I use through meditation and reflecting that in simplicity of form and use of light. Jennifer using her highly decorative Lino cuts of gardens. The artworks share a positive energy and are life affirming.

Come in and say hello! at our friendly artist run galleries on the Southbank, its lovely for a day ut and you will be supporting us and other artists when you buy our art or cards.

MEET THE ARTISTS  November 12th from 11-5 and from 5-there will be fireworks for the close of the Lord Mayors Show, theres a great view from here the Oxo Tower, on the 1st floor. 20 November 2-4 for Tea and Festive Nibbles at Wonder of Winter “The Dutton Sisters” Kathleen Dutton & Jennifer Dutton show a range of art that celebrates life. #skylarkartists #skylarkgalleries #art #artists #skylarkartist #oxotowerwharf Oxo Tower Wharf Skylark Art Galleries London.

img_20160828_134844Next Week on the 21st September 11-5 Skylark Gallery 1 London Design Festival

MEET THE CREATIVE at Gabriels Wharf this time, come along and say hello i will be there all day with some of my latest projects: CREATING ILLUSTRATIONS:There is a focus on a journey around the grounds both physical and spiritual:-IMAGINE ….Creativity takes off and new solutions found for everything. Peace with all the people on planet Earth and an Outbreak of Appreciation.  I will also be talking about my ART INSTALATION project called;- Wings…where you did have the opportunity to try some wings, for the photo of a lifetime, maybe i will try to get them over to the Southbank soon. EXHIBITION called URBAN ANGELS & LIGHTWORKS with a selection of my paintings. Buy online:  See Studio/Projects: