Breathing Space

A pause.  Sabbatical for me after 15 years 1 show a year, my daughter was 5 when I started and there was no social media. The good old days simplicity of newsletters and leaflets now it’s a different story. We started to sell online and are on Twiitter, Instagram, Facebook and have digital email list and it was easy to spend lots of time on that as well as planning events with Oxo Tower and Southbank, from workshops to talks. Now time to focus life energy in a differntly way , health and wellbeing. Selling flat and relocating so it’s been a busy time. 

An arts organisation that will serve as a platform for emerging artists through events and short documentaries got in touch. They said “We want our work to be about people and socially relevant”. The questions they asked are as follows;-

  • What do you care about in the world (this could be related to ideas of politics/ art/ culture or any social topic)
  • Why do you make art

I was delighted to respond as this is core to my soul purpose in the life and always has  been, however my approach has changed in recent years. I have always cared about this planet especially environmental and social issues. It was my specialism as in both my professional roles as a Consultant and as Lecturer/Professor in the Universities where I taught along with International Liaison Group. These two roles go hand in hand as it is only through Global communication, discussion and sharing of ideas that we can evolve new ideas and inspire ourselves into a new way of living,

 When I started my life as a Designer/Artist I would not believe that what i’m doing now is right, as I thought protest and agitation was the path to change, now I see that creates more of the same energy.  ‘Yes’ my work is socially engaged in that the core of my work is about soul conscious awareness, my own journey and the other aspect is the fact that I work with others on the path as co-creation allows me to work on projects bigger than an individual ever could to achieve more awareness….change.


Now, I believe the change within the individual affects their the outer journey ,we actually send out a frequency of energy. (Like attracts like). Wherever my soul is now is a magnet of attraction , as pure energy it creates. Therefore,  high vibrational practices in my life, my beliefs and thoughts will manifest into my life meeting likeminded souls each one raising the collective vibration manifesting for the highest good of ourselves, our families, communities and this world it is here we can create a real lasting impact. Following my soul purpose is not easy, however being off the path is harder and in the end leaves me feeling lost and isolated from my self.
Truth and integrity is woven into my art and design through my practice and that work is with all kinds of creative souls , including my sister Jennifer Dutton and Angie Brew who Co Founded Sky Lark Arts (Wellbeing through the Arts) collaborating with other organisations like Lyndons Arts Trust and University of the Arts London and Thinking Through Drawing  .  I have set up a number of  Social Enterprises because I believe that social change needs to reflect our core values, soul by soul through inner work and co-creating with others: believing in our own unique talents and qualities as individuals. Its time for us to show up in the world.  There are times when I would rather hide…yet, that is not really an option the gift of a physical life and the choices I make each day, are always creating the next step. So I ask ? What to manifest? How to face difficult situations? Do I heal or harm this planet other the other souls on it?
Exhibition ‘Angels’, Art Installation ‘Wings’ and projects including the IMAGINE Workshops from last summer, Oxford 2016 at Peace in the Park, Global Retreat Centre… also showed some of this work at London Design Festival, Oxo Tower on the Southbank.
 ‘Angels’ with Ginger Gilmore (Wife of Pink Floyd’s Guitarist David Gilmore) , who is an artist making sculptures of angels and  writer of the ‘Light side of the moon‘. My work was about the fact that we can all be Angels, through Random Acts of Kindness to ourselves and others…we can be powerful agents for transformation.
(Watch my You Tube Video if you feel you’d like to hear more, why I changed the tone of my work from a negative to positive mindset, especially with projects directly related to social change. Clients: Friends of the Earth and other Eco Businesses charities and organisations in the 80’s and 90’s). 

Teaching and learning is integral to my the work I do, and the companies and organisations I work with too, with a focus on Creativity, Wellbeing and Environmental Issues, from Campaigns for Friends of the Earth,  Pollution in HK, also Research and some International projects that bring different people and ideas together around the globe:- UK, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan.  Whether at Conran Design Group or as Independent Artist/Creative Director and all through my life I always found third sector work and integrated it with corporate life with from Annual Reports for at a discounted rate or free, to Corporate Social Responsibility expressed through the 4 c’s;-  Creativity, Compassion, Catalyst and Consultancy all go together in my world.  I have some Guest Lecturing spots coming up in Malaysia and China for 2018 that focus on bringing this vision together.

My sister and I have done something since the first Women of the World Event a UK-based festival that celebrates the achievements of women and girls as well as looking at the obstacles they face across the world. It seeks to inspire new generations of young women and girls.The festival was founded in 2010 by Jude Kelly and contains arts and science programmes and has now spread internationally. It takes place in early March around International Women’s Day. This year we were at the Southbank talking rubout sisterhood, social change and soul consciousness.16195577_10154891528077416_4469806968146862579_n

IMAGINE – Illustrated cards with questions and some fun ideas for  interactive workshops that explore and share ideas  …What is your Utopian vision? Do you want Star Trek Style Utopian, values based future or are we as a planet going to be  more like Star Wars with fighting and the survival of the fittest. We have a choice…we are the change we want to make in the world. Art is social engaged whether we are passive or not…we creative the collective consciousness.

We are them. Ha ha … One of the female artists interviewed by Sky TV and on BBC about ART World Sexism with Artfinder at the beginning of this year a cheerful gathering despite the rain and got some publicity a dialogue going about some of these issues.


Last night before i went to bed in my mediation I asked for guidance for my next project to expand this idea of awareness through a mindful creative campaign and that night I dreamt some lively dreams of working with some of the people i worked with over the years to expand the ‘Angels on the tube idea’. In less than 12 hours I was at an Event Points of Light talking to Jeremy Sinclair  at the seeds from Advertising Agency M & C Saatchi  about creating a brief, luckily he is interested in the idea at least, so that is the seed, today he talked about his creative work and creating something out of nothing it was very interesting at the as a teaches of Philosophy at the London School of Economics this poses an interesting idea of creating a campaign around our collective consciousness, it is not selling anything physical. Time for some deep silent reflection to see what emerges. I really liked hearing Salina Ahmed from Inspirited Minds talking about soul purpose in such a clear and wonderful way.


Light & Shadow – A Series of Mixed Media Paintings & Drawings
Exploring the balance in what may seem to be opposing energies through the physical form, opposite energies like masculine and feminine, light and shadow. Symbolised for example  in the image of  yin and yang a symbol that echoes how these energies unite as a catalyst for creation. Each staying separate but having the seed of it’s opposing energy within. Wikipedia: Yin/Yang Explanation 


Stillness through mediation then a mix of movement and observation  from dance, Zen Yoga and Chi Gong drawings done from life with Ester Bunting Spirited Bodies and working with Soundscapes by Sound Healer Sarah Kent.

Dates for Diary 18 October 5pm – Informal Talk 
I will be showing some of the drawings behind the work Light & Shadow. A informal  talk with my sketchbook on my process. Stillness through meditation connecting to the soul ,the inner being, then movement with Zen Yoga and Chi Gong bringing focus to the ‘physical being’.
1 November  
Meet the Artist – Skylark Galleries 1 12–5 Gabriel’s Wharf, 56 Upper Ground, Southbank London  SE19PP. 


London Design week at Oxo was a lot of fun and free events throughout the building from the designers and artists within, amongst these I facilitated a guided meditation, showed my books on mediation that guide you through the process step by step …then a talk about how my work had evolved and changed. Especially over the last 5 years looking for a bit of peace within these challenging times.  September was a busy month with a lot of  new challenges and opportunities coming up in life, therefore have been developing more local links forging new relationships to further develop the idea  over 3 years ago Titled ‘Create’ developing internal strategies to create a new vision working with others in Creative Industries, Community, Corporate and within Education networks  At the same time also looking at investment outside the UK.

This is a time where the direction and changes for me really need to be connected to my values whilst stepping out of my bubble, moment feels very challenging. The other thing is I’m enthusiastic about is Create Space London in North west London, it will be old tech with Silk screen, Bookbinding and Woodwork and Metalwork and Ceramic workshops meets new with its doors opening to the community as well as working with a team of artists and there will be a lot of exciting things happening there when it opens at the end of  October beginning of November. Will post more as this evolves.

Never has it been more important for me to set aside quiet time to connect to inner peace and the qualities of the soul that emerge through that connection. Allowing life steps to emerge day by day, one small step at a time. I have paused this year on my daily sharing of an illustration a day to really focus on my own inner growth quietly within my own space to reflect, grow and listen. It’s not possible with lots of stuff ‘pinging’ at every other  moment on social media…so i pause.

Saying that, I’m still very busy I will be doing an event tomorrow evening with two fellow guests Loretta Mccabe Angelic Healing and Chandana’s Reiki offering Tasters at this Special Event night I will do an intuitive reading with Zen Tarot plus some of my own cards and a bit of mediation guidance at a wonderful bookshop OffSide books.Poster Book shop NW London_o

I will be featured artist at Skylark Galleries at the End of October too, sharing some of my light works collection. See Below.

 “Each day I do meditation then shared an illustration on my meditation page and social media for 5 years. A few minutes of stillness brought clarity, calm that stays It also became projects and new energy in my life”


We all have our own truth, we are all masters of our own story, we create it, mould it and believe it. Yet it is both true and not true, this story can be told in many ways, with fear, with anger, with blame, with compassion with love with understanding, with magic too. Yes… I can hear your story. I listen with my heart open. By Kathleen Dutton 12494895_798066263655888_4958889818356979525_n

To: "The river, this poem, a song and image, a spontaneous healing 
message that popped into my mind this morning, to this place where I spend my days, eat packed lunches, meet friends, where I work, rest 
and play". By Kathleen Dutton artist at Skylark Galleries by the 
River Thames at Londons Southbank either; photographing it and life around it or creating art and events for over 15 years it is one of myfavourite places to reflect and get inspired, the river is endlessly photogenic some of my photos below. 

River Sacred, ebb and flow.
Sharing your life blood and treasures to all.
Shaken at the violence and hate in your wake, a witness.
The skies darken and the storm rages; rain of grief. 
I sit in your presence again; ancient, wise.
You receive the sun, the clouds, the wind, the storms of life;
your tides rise and fall, out and in constantly changing.
I see you regal, calm, a sovereign spirit of nature.
Arms stretch across London and out to a 'Ocean of Peace'.
Water sparkles, light dances, reflections of beauty and light.
With each tide this pain transformed.
An alchemy of form, in the cycle of life, a return. the river by Kathleen Dutton

Illustration By Kathleen Dutton Angel Truth – River of Peace

                                                Photos from my Instagram and Facebook Pages

The DUTTON SISTERS 20th February -12th March

Talk 12th March at 5pm Skylark Galleries in the Oxo Tower.

Skylark Galleries “The Dutton Sisters celebrate WOW Women of the World Festival alongside South Bank Centre that brings empowerment to the voice of women. Sharing, participating and creating together. Sisterhood : Our story united and individually in our roles: as artists, mothers partners, friends, members of our community. Sharing, co-creation, storytelling supporting and having fun whenever we can”. This is our fifth year doing an event of one kind or another at the  Women of the World Festival. It takes place in early March around International Women’s Day. WOW sponsors lectures, debates and performance on a range of themes and topics. This Upcoming Feature with my sister Jennifer Dutton and talk Southbank has crept up very fast this year, we normally spend time preparing and this time we haven’t really had a chance to think about it before its suddenly come around. Busy days for us in our “Daughter role” for our family sorting out lots of interesting new information discovered after the death of our ‘Uncle Jack’ relating to our family history and stories connected with many generations and lots of very laborious stuff to go through too, However feels like light at the end of the tunnel is starting to shine. The women have an interesting history in our family. One of the first women to go to go to Cambridge University 1920’s and another in publishing at the turn of the last century, dancers, singers. Interesting. Didn’t know until we started this journey together The Dutton Sisters. Perfect time to talk about sisterhood as part of the WOW Women of the World Festival

My sister and I…that’s Kathleen Dutton & Jennifer Dutton are showing a range of art that celebrates life. We both share a certain joy of life expressed in their distinctive and very different ways. I use through meditation and reflecting that in simplicity of form and use of light. Jennifer using her highly decorative Lino cuts of gardens. The artworks share a positive energy and are life affirming.

Come in and say hello! at our friendly artist run galleries on the Southbank, its lovely for a day ut and you will be supporting us and other artists when you buy our art or cards.

MEET THE ARTISTS  November 12th from 11-5 and from 5-there will be fireworks for the close of the Lord Mayors Show, theres a great view from here the Oxo Tower, on the 1st floor. 20 November 2-4 for Tea and Festive Nibbles at Wonder of Winter “The Dutton Sisters” Kathleen Dutton & Jennifer Dutton show a range of art that celebrates life. #skylarkartists #skylarkgalleries #art #artists #skylarkartist #oxotowerwharf Oxo Tower Wharf Skylark Art Galleries London.


I was asked to do this ‘Bio’…it is going to be on some books created with the Global Retreat Centre in Oxford, so I found myself called to sit and write this;-I realise my history is kind extreme in some of it’s lurching but it has always followed the path of ‘Doing what I love’ Balancing my natural energy that catches the wind of emotions easily.

I love this Earth and its diversity and for me that has meant getting out into the world and exploring and living in other places and working and experiencing life within the globe as well as the social cultures of the Corporate, Academia and Third Sector (Charities and Social Enterprise) …always running my own creative practice alongside that is based on learning who I am in a spiritual context because for many years i struggled with that . My life theme, “swimming both ways at once in this world “…it was always a challenge to cool my mind and realy focus on my own wellbeing poping up with ideas and ideas of new places to go and things to do, finally family life and continued practice of mediation helped me be able to create pause’s for thought and change and see things differently. Staying in one place was hard, it still is at times, the urge for me travel and live in other places is in my DNA. I now appreciate where I am and accept this chapter of life.


Illustrations for Peace in the Park 2016:-Artist Run Project to Create Vision for the Future

“I have been practicing meditation for 30 years and give talks on meditation and how it relates to themes in my artwork. Each day I share an illustration on my daily blog and meditation page. The blog has led to three animation commissions from Vodafone on visualisation, holding a vision and body language, as well as illustrations for: an online 6 week Mindfulness course, Breathsync iphone App, Global Retreat Centre: guided meditations and book cover designs for various publishers and independent writers.I currently am one of 24 artists at Skylark Galleries who are on the Southbank of London. Galleries I also do Marketing and social media for Skylark Galleries . I have exhibited and am in collections internationally, the focus of my painting is grounded in my meditation practice and I do events at the gallery that focus on this as well as exhibitions and talks
at the British Library. Created a programme of events that ran over 4 years that made artist’s limited edition books as part of a CSR Corporate Social Responsibility volunteering programme for employees of various Corporate Banking companies in the City. Received bursaries for Community arts projects and went on to be awarded a Fellowship at The Kings Fund and UnLtd and Honarary bursary at CAN Community Action Network and went on to mentor others to work on community projects.
Prior to that, I was Creative Director for Conran Design Group for over 8 years working with clients like Conran shop, Bhs and M&S. This involved developing a brief with the client, overseeing each project, working with other creative professionals like architects, designers, illustrators and guiding the production process from start to finish.
Lecturer then Later a Professor at The University of Westminster and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Created published research on:- Environmental issues and Cross-cultural design. I also ran my own consultancy whilst at the University.
Received a fellowship for Distinction of Work from the Chartered Society for Designers”